CBCGDF “Spotted Seals on Broken Ice” Popular Science Activity Entered Kindergarten | CCAfa and Green Children Base
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On November 21, CBCGDF's China Conservation Area for White Crane at Baiyangdian and Green Children Base jointly launched a campus science activity on the theme of protecting marine animals. The "Spotted Seals on Broken Ice" theme sharing activity entered a kindergarten. Volunteer Lili took the lead in setting up the event site. The volunteers of the science popularization team did not tell the children the content of science popularization in advance. The children were excited when they learned that the subject is the marine animal spotted seal.


The event was opened by Lili. When the children were shown the video of the spotted seal Godson (Gou Sheng), the volunteers asked the children, "How do the spotted seals walk?" The children actually demonstrated the crawling posture of the spotted seal on the floor of the scene. The volunteers thought they were so cute. The science popularization team also prepared drawing papers for the children to let everyone draw their own spotted seals. Finally, the children took photos with members of the volunteer science team.


The joyous time goes by quickly. Volunteers for science popularization have felt a lot about this science popularization activity, and deeply felt that everyone presented had their own gains. The children harvested knowledge, the teachers harvested another kind of link with nature, the team harvested growth, the teammates harvested praise, and the director of the CCAfa site expressed the confidence to lead the team forward.





(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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