Light Up Kids’ Eyes on the World with Science Popularization about Spotted Seals | CBCGDF Green Children Base of CCA at Baiyangdian
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On the morning of December 1, the science popularization volunteers team from Green Children Base of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)’s China Conservation Area for White Crane at Baiyangdian, came to Renqiu library for the first time to carry out the fourth phase of science popularization activity of "Spotted Seals on Broken Ice", in which 30 families participated. During the activity, the children were divided into three groups to participate in the Jigsaw puzzle competition, which soon made the children familiar with each other.


Mr. Wang, director of the Green Children Base, took the children to know about the habits and distribution of spotted seals. One side of the activity room is the spotted seal microphotographic exhibition arranged by the science popularization team before the start of the activity. When the children go to watch the picture of the spotted seal, the parents gather their wisdom and write down the problems encountered by today's marine animals on the cardboard with a colored pen, so as to help the children understand more about marine life with pictures and texts. In this activity, the children not only knew the spotted seal, a lovely "pinnipeds" mammal but also learned that the layer of fluff like "quilt" on the little spotted seal was originally used to keep out the cold.


At the end of the activity, Mr. Wang showed the children's natural objects - leaves, fruits, flowers, feathers, etc. It is believed that when children recognize new species in the future, they will also observe the things around them with a pair of discovered and curious eyes.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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By / Li Xue