Volunteers at CBCGDF CCA for Great Bustard at Tianjin and Cangzhou Work Together to Protect the Wild Great Bustards
2019/11/15 17:03:00 本站

In early November 2019, the directors of China Conservation Areas for great bustard at Tianjin and Cangzhou of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) jointly discussed the proposal to protect the great bustard in the winter of 2019.


Director Zhao of CBCGDF China Conservation Area for great bustard at Cangzhou is committed to the protection of great bustard. He said at the meeting that it is far from enough to rely solely on the spontaneous protection of the people to protect the wildlife. It also needs the support of the relevant departments. He pointed out that the protection of wildlife, publicity and patrol are the key. He hopes that through CBCGDF’s letter to contact local forestry and forest public security departments to jointly promote the protection of wild animals such as great bustard. He suggested that it is necessary to hold three to four large-scale legal popularization activities in the winter to make the local people realize that it is illegal to capture wild animals and will be sanctioned by law. He also hopes that relevant departments can make the protection of great bustard a local culture.


Director Zhao concluded that the protection of great bustard should be educated to children since their childhood. He said: "All wild animals need protection, and the protection of other wild animals such as hare should be strengthened."




(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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