CBCGDF CCAfa Volunteers Reported on Sale of Birds in Beijing
2019/11/4 15:44:00 本站

According to the relevant spirit of the relevant documents: Encourage and support the public welfare organizations, civil society organizations and volunteers from all walks of life force, to actively report the information and cases of migratory birds to all levels of wildlife authorities and support the volunteers in a multi-faceted manner. Relevant departments should support volunteers in the protection of law enforcement to carry out special actions such as clearing nets and clearing bird-hunting tools and work hard to create a working pattern in which the whole society jointly protected migratory birds and combat wildlife crimes.


The China Conservation Area for Libellula Angelina (CCAfa) of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) resolutely implement the spirit of the above instructions and fight against wild animal crimes.


On October 26, the volunteers from this CCAfa site drove to a bird market in Beijing at 6am and arrived there at 9am to inspect the situation. It took the volunteers an hour to make calls to report the situation because the person answering the phone was prevaricating. The volunteers found that many of the bird dealers were leaving and called the police. Police caught a bird dealer and confiscated more than a dozen wild birds. But without a receipt, the volunteers are ready to continue their report.


According to volunteers, Beijing has more than 30 bird markets from the urban to the suburbs. The volunteers decided to expand the focus of the inspection of the bird market and the protection of migratory birds from Tianjin to Beijing, Hebei and surrounding areas, and gave the birds a free blue sky.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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