CBCGDF Recruitment – Maybe It Will Be You, Who Decides How Adorable the Spotted Seal Stuffed Toy Is! | CBCGDF Project “Building the Yellow Sea-Bohai Spotted Seal Marine Conservation Area Network” Backed by UN
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Previously, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) have issued recruiting articles about the spotted seal.


Now, to make the image of spotted seal more vivid, and through this vivid image to let more people participate in the protection and rescue of this endangered species, the CBCGDF will now release the 3rd recruitment article: Design the cute spotted seal together! It's up to you to decide how cute the spotted seal doll made by CBCGDF is!


No matter how cute, pirate, fitness and hip-hop style the spotted seal is in your mind… Whoever designs it is in charge!


The friends who are interested in the design of the spotted seal doll, please read the following information:


1. According to the submission, the CBCGDF will select several excellent design drafts to make the first 5000 spotted seal dolls;

2. A copy of the designer’s introduction and work introduction shall be attached to the design works participating in the activity. No word count required;

3. The selected designer of the design draft will be awarded the certificate of honor by the CBCGDF;

4. The CBCGDF will provide a certain amount of design fee for the selected designers, and will be given the spotted seal doll designed and produced by himself/herself;

5. All design drafts will be presented simultaneously on multiple platforms of the CBCGDF;

6. Participants need to report and deliver works without copyright issues;

7. There is no limit to the number of participants and works delivered;

8. The CBCGDF has the right to use all contributions for public welfare;

9. Submission Channel: v42@cbcgdf.org (Cc: v31@cbcgdf.org)


To let all the participants have a more intuitive understanding of the spotted seal, here is a series of pictures and videos from the CBCGDF’s spotted seal conservation areas. These pictures and videos are all from the daily patrol and rescue activities of CBCGDF’s spotted seal conservation volunteers. Participants can also take this opportunity to learn about the work of spotted seal volunteers.



(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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By / Xue Tongtong