[Upcoming Events:] Inaugural Meeting of CBCGDF Project “Building the Yellow Sea-Bohai Spotted Seal Marine Conservation Area Network” and the First Popular Activity of CCAfa for Spotted Seals
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Spotted seal is one of the rare species of sea animals in China’s coastal waters. I have seen adult spotted seals at close range, and they are very impressive. The spotted seal cub is white and looks lovely in the picture. According to an expert, finless porpoises are relatively easy to catch, while spotted seals are difficult to catch. They are born on the ice of the Bohai Sea and can migrate to St. Peter’s Bay in the Far East. Want to hear about the spotted seal stories?  Looking forward to the earliest publication of the book “Spotted Seal on the Broken Ice” funded by the United Nations Development Programme grant project!


- Guo Yinfeng, Chief Technical Advisor and Manager of UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project, UNOPS


Recently, more and more adorable spotted seals are migrating back to China again. Welcoming the return of the spotted seal will be the focus and protection of volunteers around the Yellow Sea-Bohai. The inaugural meeting of the project “Building the Yellow Sea-Bohai Spotted Seal Marine Conservation Area Network”, which was undertaken by the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and supported by the project department of relevant United Nations departments, will be held in Panjin City, a key breeding site for Spotted Seals, on October 14th at 1:00 p.m. The purpose of this event is to mobilize volunteer teams from all CBCGDF China Conservation Areas (CCAfa) in the Yellow Sea-Bohai regions, and to promote the construction of the protection network system for spotted seals, reduce marine waste pollution, enhance the awareness of marine protection of the whole people, and encourage community residents to participate in the protection of spotted seals and marine biodiversity.


In addition to Mr. Guo Yinfeng, the Chief Technical Advisor and Manager of UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project; Dr. Sara Platto, a senior expert on international animal behavior and welfare and associate professor of Jianghan University; and Ma Zhiqiang, researcher of Liaoning Institute of Marine and Fisheries Sciences. Participants in the inaugural meeting are directors of nearly 20 volunteers’ teams from CBCGDF China Conservation Area (CCAfa) sites along the Yellow-Sea Bohai region, as well as other volunteer teams who have actively signed up to participate in the project.


The inaugural meeting will be an opportunity to promote the public to understand spotted seals, appreciate them, and join the team to jointly protect them and their habitat environment. Let’s look forward to the successful holding of the event.


PS: It is worth noting that this meeting carefully considers the spirit of the green meeting index (GMT), such as low-carbon, efficient and thrifty. Some long-distance participants can choose to attend the conference remotely.


[Another meaningful event:]


In order to further promote students’ understanding of spotted seal, so that at the same time as the launching of the project of “Building the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Spotted Seal Marine Conservation Area Network”, the CBCGDF and spotted seal CCAfa in Panjin will also lead experts to go to Bohai 1st Primary School in Xinglongtai District, and tell nearly 100 students in two classes about the popular science story of “Spotted Seals on the Broken Ice”. The CBCGDF expects to promote all sectors of society, including teenagers, to understand and care for spotted seal, to protect the environment, to protect our homes, and to recognize that human beings and nature are an inherently harmonious whole. Biodiversity is life, and biodiversity is our life.





(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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