The Guangxi Pangolins Information Disclosure Case Filed by CBCGDF Is Continued on Trial in Xixiangtang Court
2019/8/15 15:13:00 本站

Recently, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) sued Guangxi Forestry Bureau about the five-year pangolin information disclosure case that has been continued to have a trial in Xixiangtang People's Court. Since the case was filed in February 2018, after more than one month, the court of the first instance found that it did not meet the conditions for prosecution and did not conduct a substantive trial. The court dismissed the appeal from the procedure and then the CBCGDF appealed. The court of the second instance ruled that: 


1. Revoke the administrative ruling of the Xixiangtang People's Court of Nanning City (2018) 0107 No.138;

2. The People's Court of Xixiangtang of Nanning City will continue to have a trial.


The Xixiangtang People's Court continued to hear the cases. The court held a hearing based on legal procedures to examine the facts, determine the focus of the dispute, cross-examine the evidence, court debate and punish.


The court will choose a date to decide according to the circumstances of the trial.

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By / Li Xue