Look Forward to Baoding Intermediate People’s Court Filing a Case —— Solve the Dangerous Situation of the South-North Water Transfer Project Entering Beijing!
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In April 2019, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) received reports from the public that Zhuozhou Hengqi Building Material Co., Ltd. illegally excavated sand and destroyed rivers, causing major security risks to the South-North Water Transfer Project entering Beijing. The CBCGDF attached great importance to this and sent a special representative to investigate the situation on the spot and make sure that the reports from the public are true.


On May 22nd, 2019, after a series of investigations and evidence collection, the CBCGDF formally filed environmental public interest litigation with Baoding Intermediate People's Court. On the same day, the staff of the case-filing court of Baoding Intermediate Court issued "the receipt certificate of litigation materials of Baoding Intermediate People's Court" to the agent of the CBCGDF on the spot, and clearly informed the CBCGDF's agent that they would decide on whether to file a case within 7 days as stipulated by law.


However, until July 4th, the 44th day after the CBCGDF filed the complaint with Baoding Intermediate People’s Court, no written or oral decision or notification on whether to file a case was received.


Since mid-July, the north part of China has officially entered the flood season. The large-scale, wanton and illegal sand mining of Hengqi Building Materials Co., Ltd. seriously damaged the integrity and stability of the river bed. In case of a heavy rainstorm, it will cause great threat and damage to the life safety of the surrounding people as well as the pipeline facilities of the South-North Water Transfer Project entering Beijing. In order to seek judicial relief as soon as possible, to protect the lives of the people and to ensure the water supply security of the South-North Water Transfer Project, the staff of the CBCGDF continued to dial the phone of the filing court of the Baoding Intermediate People's Court for many days, but no substantive response was received. Unfortunately, on July 5th, the agent of the CBCGDF went to Baoding Intermediate Court to inquire about the filing of the case face to face. However, the staff of the Court said that they did not know a lot about the case and the details were only decided by the leaders; then, since their leaders went out for a meeting, they cannot give a specific response time; the lawyer of the CBCGDF proposed to write a statement of presence, but the staff refused to accept it.


Till Today (July 23rd), 63 days have elapsed since the CBCGDF submitted the indictment materials on May 22nd, which is far exceeding the seven-day statutory filing period stipulated in the Civil Procedure Law. The CBCGDF expects that Baoding Intermediate Court will accept the case as soon as possible and start the judicial process in order to protect the ecological security of the damaged river course, to ensure the safety of the South-North Water Transfer Project entering Beijing, to manage and repair the damaged river course as soon as possible, and to resolve the dangerous situation of the South-North Water Transfer Project entering Beijing.


On May 27th, the CBCGDF has given special information to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the South-North Water Transfer Project Construction Committee of the State Council and the Ministry of Ecological Environment on the violations involved in the case. The CBCGDF sincerely requests that the violations be investigated and dealt with severely.

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By / Xue Tongtong