CBCGDF has Filed an Appeal Against Misidentifying the Cause of Pangolin’s Death as an Advisory | Public Information Disclosure
2019/7/24 11:46:00 本站

Recently, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) submitted the administrative appeal against Guangxi Forestry Bureau and State Forestry and Grass Bureau to the People’s Court of Dongcheng District. In the judgment of the court of the first instance, the fact-finding of the case was unclear and with an erroneous application of the law or regulations. Therefore, the CBCGDF appealed to the Second Intermediate People's Court of Beijing by the law.


Unclear Fact-finding: The Guangxi Forestry Bureau has responded substantially to the content of the CBCGDF's application for government information disclosure. Besides, the State Forestry Administration also decided that the government information applied for by the CBCGDF was not advisory in nature, and made a letter withdrawing the public reply of the information made by the Guangxi Forestry Bureau. However, the court of the first instance regards the information applied by the CBCGDF as advisory.


Erroneous application of the law or regulations: Article 6 of the "Regulations on the Disclosure of Government Information" stipulates that "the administrative organs shall publish government information promptly and accurately". In this case, the Guangxi Forestry Bureau changed the information provided to the appellant several times but did not provide relevant evidence. The court of the first instance failed to examine the authenticity of the relevant information according to law, which is the erroneous application of the law or regulations. 


The detailed context of this case is as follows:


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The CBCGDF submitted the appeal and is hoping that the Second Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing will make a fair judgment according to law.

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By / Xue Tongtong