CBCGDF Thumbs Up for Yunnan Provincial Superior Court Waiving Legal Cost of Social Organizations | A Strong Support of EPIL
2019/7/2 11:19:00 本站

The newly revised Environmental Protected Law implemented on January 1st, 2015 has promoted social organizations to evolve into the main force of environmental public interest litigation (EPIL). Generally speaking, social organization, serving as the plaintiff, bears high costs. But most social organizations are non-profit bodies who have insufficient fund to cover the enormous cost, which dampens NGOs’ enthusiasm for safeguarding the environment and limits the development of EPIL.  


Recently, Yunnan provincial superior court has waived law costs of EPIL, so as to support social organizations, a decision which backs NGOs to develop pertinent work of environmental protection. Therefore, CBCGDF expresses great appreciation to Yunnan provincial superior court.


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By / Wang Yanqing