Houses with Cracks and Collapse are Still Their Home. Why? (II)
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Human beings are also social animals. The deterioration of the living environment leads to the reduction of people's yearning for a better life and even their fear. Although there is no explicit stipulation of the right of residence in the current civil law, it would be unreasonable to leave only a few or even one family to live in dangerous areas just because the houses did not crack. Moreover, the original EIA approval also requires all the relocation and re-mining, which is a prerequisite. It is a "prerequisite" without any preconditions and does not exist the appraisal mentioned by your aluminum company.


On January 23, 2017, the case was heard in public. Many villagers rushed all the way to the Eco-environment Court of Qingzhen People's Court to attend the trial.


In December 2017, the People's Court of Qingzhen City made a first instance judgment that the determination of the relocation scope of 500 meters was due to the factors of setting up the waste rock yard, and now it is no longer necessary to set up the waste rock yard, instead of enforcing the requirements of 500 meters ‘sanitary protection distance. In addition, Zhongzhai is a village outside the scope of the minefield, and long-term observation points should be set up to maintain or relocate according to the affected situation, not to unconditional overall relocation. Move. At the same time, according to the risk assessment of land disaster made by professional organizations, 23 houses in groups 1, 2 and 3 of Zhongzhai which caused damage and met the relocation conditions were relocated (12 of them were in mined-out areas, 4 of them collapsed and 7 of them reached grade IV damage). The Green Society appealed to Guiyang Intermediate People's Court of Guizhou Province within the prescribed time after receiving the first instance decision. The second trial opened in public in May 2018. On May 22, 2019, the second trial ruled that the facts of the first instance decision were unclear and violated legal procedures and was sent back for retrial.


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Villagers say that they are looking forward to moving every day. When can they move? Even if not from 2008, it has been three years since the case was filed.


Attention-provoking EIA approval


According to the requirements of the environmental impact assessment approval in 2007, the construction unit should relocate the residents in Zhongzhai, Zhongzhai primary schools and health protection distance within 500 meters from Longtan Dam industrial site, and consent to the construction of the project on this premise; excavate the remaining part of backfilling mining area to send waste rock dump for storage, build flood interception ditches in waste rock dump, build slag dam and regulating pond under the dam.


During the first instance, Guizhou Aluminum Company revised the EIA, and no more waste rock yards were set up. Waste can be landfilled. Therefore, Guizhou Aluminum Company believes that since the abandoned stone yard is no longer set up according to the revised EIA, and the environmental impact of the abandoned stone yard has been basically eliminated, it should no longer relocate the villagers within 500 meters of Longtan Dam No. 1 waste stone yard as required by the original EIA. But the EIA approval requirement is not to relocate villagers within 500 meters of the waste rock yard! Whether there is a waste rock yard or not has nothing to do with the relocation.


The establishment of the EIA system is not to focus on the afterward, but to prevent the future. The whole relocation of Zhongzhai is unconditional before the start of the mine. It has nothing to do with whether the house cracks and collapses into a dangerous house. It is precise because your aluminum company has not strictly fulfilled the obligations stipulated in the EIA approval, Miaozhai villagers have been living in fear for ten years.


Where is life excluded?


On February 28, 2019, I accompanied Chen Jie, a journalist from the Beijing News, to Zhongzhai Village in Qingzhen again. It is still the familiar Village Road and those simple faces. I asked if the case is now in the second instance stage. Has your aluminum company changed? But nothing has changed.



Chen Jie, journalist of the New Beijing News, photographed in Qingzhen City on February 28, 2018.


Chen Jie, journalist of the New Beijing News, photographed in Qingzhen City on February 28, 2018.


Chen Jie, journalist of the New Beijing News, photographed in Qingzhen City on February 28, 2018.

Ever since CBCGDF began to pay attention to Miaozhai villagers in Qingzhen in 2015, every rainy season, I cannot help but think of the villagers living in collapsed houses at any time. The mining rights in the Maiba mining area will remain intact for the remaining ten years until 2028.


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Sometimes I wonder, if your family and friends live in such a house, will you be so calm? What is more precious than life? Do we have to pay attention to the lessons like the loud water explosion? Actually, this obligation has been delayed for ten years. It is not necessary to wait every time for warning at the cost of living.

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