CBCGDF sues Department of Forestry of Guangxi for pangolin’s inadequate rescue | On the failure of Guangxi Wildlife Rescue Center to perform its duties
2019/5/20 17:12:00 本站

It is the defendant's duty to monitor animal epidemics. When the living pangolins are sent to the rescue center, the defendant claimed to have found the epidemic to be under control. Wouldn't they be checked? How to control without checking? The funds provided by the state should be fulfilled with all one's heart and soul.


The defendant never released pangolins and never initiated the release procedure. The Customs Regulation means that animals must be quarantined before they are released from the Customs. The wildlife was handed over to the defendant for rescue. The defendant rescue wildlife on behalf of the people and the government. The defendant is the first person responsible for rescuing pangolins. In addition, scientists and conservationists around the world point out that captivity is neither rescue nor protection, and that only returning animals to nature is rescue and protection. In the past many years, the defendant has never released one pangolin. According to national law, the defendant should have records and methods of dealing with death, etc. In 2017, when we first contacted the defendant, we asked for a review of the pangolin rescue records. They had a record of harmless treatment of other animals, but no pangolins. Over the past few years, at least a few hundred living pangolins have been sent to the defendant's office every year. None of them have returned to nature. According to international standards, the rescue's chance of success is zero.

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By / Li Xue