CBCGDF sues Department of Forestry of Guangxi for pangolin’s inadequate rescue | Guangxi Wildlife Rescue Center is confused about the concept of pangolin’s source
2019/5/17 10:45:00 本站

It needs to be made clear that at the end of August 2017, 34 live pangolins received by Guangxi Wildlife Rescue Center. They were intercepted by the coastguard in Fangchenggang, China. The responsibilities of customs include quarantine of animals, but these pangolins do not belong to this category, the Customs will no longer quarantine them.


The defendant's legal duties include controlling the epidemic focus of the wildlife that they had received. These sudden, exotic and unknown pangolins have been sent the office of defendant. The first thing they should quarantine them, but they didn’t.


Then we talk about the regulations on the introduction of terrestrial wildlife. The normal purchase of zoos and state institutions from abroad is called the introduction. Pangolins are not normally introduced by the state. They are intercepted by the police. The defendant did not know the exact source of pangolins and he could not find them. The CBCGDF offered to check and get information from pangolins' feces and scales, which could be used to find out the source. But the defendant always refused. Therefore, these pangolins' source is uncertain.

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By / Li Xue