CBCGDF's "Selection of Environmental Public Interest Litigation Cases" (Volume 2018) Officially Published
2019/2/17 21:12:00 本站

The “Selection of Environmental Public Interest Litigation Cases” (volume 2018) was officially published by the Law Press. This book is an important part of CBCGDF's environmental protection project for the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. The project aims to provide legal services and conduct relevant rule of law research for environmental public interest litigation (EPIL) practices.


The book is prefaced by Hu Deping, chairman of the CBCGDF, and relevant leaders of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. It brings together many typical cases including environmental public interest litigation, environmental administrative public interest litigation, marine environmental public interest litigation, and compensation for ecological environmental damages involving social organizations, procuratorates, and relevant provincial governments.


At the same time, the book also incorporates relevant laws and regulations and some environmental public interest litigation cases that have been concluded between 2015 and 2017. And CBCGDF invited nearly thirty well-known experts, scholars, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, etc. to give wonderful comments on public interest litigation cases.


The book is currently available on the CBCGDF's Taobao e-commerce platform. Thank you for your support.



(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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