CBCGDF finalized victory in Guangxi Forestry | All Pangolin Information Disclosure Appeals were supported by Nanning Intermediate Court | Wrong ruling was revoked
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Recently, the CBCGDF received a ruling from the Nanning Intermediate People's Court on the CBCGDF v. Guangxi Forestry Department case, which the Guangxi Forestry Department did not respond to the appeal of the administrative lawsuit for public information disclosure for the past five years.


The Nanning Intermediate People's Court ruled:


1. To abolish the administrative ruling of No. 138, Gui No. 0107, Xixiangtang District People's Court of Nanning City;


2. The case ordered the People's Court of Xixiangtang District of Nanning City to continue the trial.


The matter can be traced back to August 2017. At that time, the third detachment of the Marine Police of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region seized a group of 34 national second-level protected animals, pangolins (two of which were dead), and handed them over to the Guangxi Terrestrial Wildlife Rescue and Epidemic Disease Detection Center for emergency rescue.


Due to the ineffective rescue of the relevant departments, all the pangolins died. Regarding this, the CBCGDF applied for information disclosure to the Guangxi Forestry Department twice on August 22 and September 14, 2017, respectively. After receiving the relevant reply, on February 26, 2018, the CBCGDF filed an administrative lawsuit against the Guangxi Forestry Department for the refusal to perform the statutory duties of information disclosure to the People's Court of Xixiangtang District, Nanning City, Guangxi.


On September 29, 2018, the CBCGDF received an administrative ruling from the People's Court of Xixiangtang District of Nanning City [(2018) Gui No. 138] stating: it was considered that the conditions for the prosecution were not met, and no substantive hearing was conducted.


As the result, the administrative prosecution of the CBCGDF was rejected procedurally. In this ruling, CBCGDF does not accept the ruling and appeal to the Nanning Intermediate Court again.


By mid-January this year, the Nanning Intermediate People’s Court finally made a ruling on the second appeal on this administrative lawsuit: the administrative ruling of the original court of the first instance was revoked and sent back to the original court for retrial.


However, what is the price paid by the Guangxi Forestry Department?


Losing faith in the society, losing faith in the public, and always concealing the data on pangolin rescue for five years. Guangxi Forestry Department, what are you hiding?


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