Tengger Desert Pollution Case: 6 million Fines Go Undecided, CBCGDF Expects the Implementation
2018/10/11 17:05:00 本站

The Tengger Desert case initiated by the CBCGDF has received much attention from all sectors. On August 28, 2017, this Environmental Public Interest Litigation (EPIL) case was finally settled and the 8 polluters (defendants) involved in the case had been fined 569 million yuan to repair and prevent further pollution, and also had been ordered to establish the environmental damage public welfare fund of 6 million yuan. However, as of now, the 6 million funds have not yet been arranged. It is also a waste to affect the efficiency of capital use. It is necessary for all parties to increase their efforts and implement the original intention of environmental protection as soon as possible.

In order to start this 6 million yuan fund, it is necessary for the CBCGDF and the local government both agree on how to use it for the rehabilitation of the pollution in the Tengger Desert. Although the CBCGDF has had many discussions with the local government of Zhongwei, how to manage or to use the funds has not yet been determined.

(The exact amount of repair funds involved in this article may not be accurate and should be referred to the court file.)

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