CBCGDF Won the Public Interest Lawsuit against Changyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd
2022/7/21 13:12:00 本站

Recently, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) received the electronic document sent by Jinan Railway Transport Court ---the first instance judgment of the case of CBCGDF v. Changyi Petrochemical Company for its illegal sale of substandard diesel oil.


The judgment reads: 1. Changyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Shall, within 10 days from the effective date of this judgment, pay a total of RMB 1802,400 for the restoration of ecological environmental damage and the functional loss of ecological environmental from the day it causes environment pollution to the completion of the restoration. (The fund shall be turned over to the State Treasury); 2. Changyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. shall, within 30 days from the effective date of this judgment, make an apology to the public in the provincial newspapers and periodicals of Shandong Province for the environmental pollution. (The content shall be reviewed by the court).image.png

Case Review:


In August 2019, CBCGDF submitted litigation materials to Weifang Intermediate People's Court to file an environmental public interest lawsuit.


In February 2021, Weifang Intermediate People's Court of Shandong province tried the case and issued the civil judgment.


In April 2021, CBCGDF received the appeal submitted by the defendant from Shandong High Court.


In July 2021, CBCGDF received the civil ruling from Shandong High Court, in which the civil judgment of first instance was rejected and Jinan Railway Transport Court was ordered to hear the case.


In January 2022, CBCGDF submitted the litigation materials online to Jinan Railway Transport Court.


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