The baby elephant Molly is abused in Henan? The CBCGDF’s application for making public the informations related to Molly hit a brick wall.
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 On February 15th, the application of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) to Kuming Zoo  for  making public the informations related to the litlle elephant Molly has gotten a reply. But this reply continue to  be widely questioned by some people on the internet. 


    The little Asian elephont Molly became a local star at birth.  At the age of two, Molly was  transported across  thousands of miles, then exchanged to  Jiaozuo Forest Zoo(Henan, China) by  Kunming Zoo. Then, Molly was suspected of being abused. Molly was forced to perform in the forest zoo.


      In Henan, Molly can only eat some watermelon peel and hay. Tourists can ride on Molly’s back after paying. But this behavior is harmful to the spine of Molly.



      A few days ago, the forest zoo in Qinyang opened a live broadcast. It can be seen that the baby elephant is not in good condition. It was irradiated by strong light , suffered from  a lot of noise during the live broadcast. It can be seen clearly that Molly has some stereotyped behavior.



     Was Molly abused? This has attracted the attention of the CBCGDF. In order to come to know Molly’s current situation, CBCGDF has applied for information disclosure to the State Forestry and grass administration, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Jiaozuo Forest Zoo, Kunming Zoo and the other relevant units.


      Although the current progress is blocked, the CBCGDF still deemed that it would not give up, but take legal action “after the informations required for filing the case are complete and the conditions are ripe.”


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