The Legal Department of CBCGDF proposed 12 suggestions on Railway Law of the PRC to better control tobacco
2022/1/19 16:46:00 本站

The five-year legislative plan of the 13th NPC Standing Committee includes the Railway Law of the PRC as the first category of projects. The 2022 legislative work plan of the NPC Standing Committee clearly includes the revision of the Railway Law of the PRC. Combined with the CBCGDF’s smoke-free trains environmental public interest litigation. On the basis of the content of the draft for comment, 12 suggestions were proposed to further promote China’s tobacco control legislation, promote the realization of smoke-free trains, and help implement the “Health China 2030” plan. At present, the Legal Department of CBCGDF has sent suggestions to the National People’s Congress Legal Committee, the National Railway Bureau. The progress of the suggestions will be followed up.

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