Triumph for Our Public-Interest Litigation on Wetland-Protection at Shiyanghe | Current Development on Sueing Rongda Mining Industry
2022/1/19 16:22:00 本站

As for our previous public-interest litigation, now CBCGDF is pretty glad to share the newest information with our supporters and readers in all kinds of fields. High People’s Court of Gansu Province decided to support our request for consulting fees that belong to lawyers who exerted great endeavors during the whole litigation procedure just a few days ago.



Review on this case:

On January 6th of 2020, CBCGDF sued Rongda Mining Industry Company for illegally destroying National Wetland at Shiyanghe. Since this company brazenly began its construction project before getting the governmental approval, especially the environmental evaluation, CBCGDF soon started to collect evidence and do investigation, and then litigated.

As for the outcome from the court, the first instance says that all fees about the litigation procedure should be undertaken by Rongda Industry Company. And the second instance supports our request for covering the consulting fee for layers, which was ignored during the first trial.


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