CBCGDF Environmental Public Interest Litigation (EPIL) for Pangolin Protection Won!
2021/12/22 10:00:00 本站

Recently, CBCGDF received the verdict of the Hainan Provincial High People's Court, the second trial verdict of CBCGDF as plaintiff against the four defendants in a public interest lawsuit over the illegal sale and consumption of pangolin.

Since the ecological value of pangolins haven’t been taken into account in the first trail at all, CBCGDF appealed against the decision in trial of first instance that the four defendants shall jointly bear 1670 yuan for compensation based on the rough estimation economically of 100 yuan per pangolin.

While the judgment of the second trial held that, although the pangolin belonged to the national second-class protected wildlife at the time of the case, but considering its current critically endangered status, the compensation fee for resource destruction is determined at the rate of RMB 80,000 for one pangolin, based on the standard of national-level protected animals. To put it in a nutshell, the compensation for the loss of ecological and environmental resources in this case is RMB 80,000, and the acceptance fee for both the first and second trial of the case shall be borne by the defendant.

The win in the Hainan pangolin case is the first breakthrough in CBCGDF's pangolin case series. As an inseparable and important part of the environment, the pangolin is of great significance in maintaining biodiversity, preserving ecosystem balance, and protecting species resources. CBCGDF will, as always, be dedicated to fighting against illegal acts that damage endangered species and destroy the ecological environment.


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