Rescue the precious Hakka enclosure, CBCGDF files the public interest litigation of immovable cultural relics again
2021/8/11 15:58:00 本站

On August 10, CBCGDF mailed the filing materials to Shantou intermediate people's court and filed a public interest lawsuit against Guangdong Xingyi Industrial Co., Ltd. for immovable cultural relics.

The case originated from the protection of Hakka Weilong house. Hakka Weilong house is a typical Hakka residential building with the characteristics of the Central Plains and most of them have history of hundreds of years. Yellow House in Gongxiang, Chengnan neighborhood committee (hereinafter referred to as yellow house) was listed in the protection list of ancient houses.

In 2014, Guangdong Xingyi Industrial Co., Ltd. began to build Xingyi square project next to the Yellow House. During the construction, the company violated many relevant laws and regulations, drew ups deceitful environment report, and even tampered with urban sewers without authorization, which brought great potential safety hazards to the Yellow House.

The Yellow House was built in 1688 with more than 300 years history. As a Hakka residential protection unit in Xingning City, it should be fully protected to maintain the authenticity, integrity and sustainability of Hakka Weilong house. Because of the illegal act of the company, the Yellow House is facing risk of damage and irreversible loss of human and ecological environment. Hakka Weilong house is a non-renewable cultural treasure, if we destroy it, we are destroying the root of our traditional civilization. Nowadays, it has become a consensus to protect history and culture, not to reconstruct and damage. Material cultural heritage is a resource shared by all our citizens. Once the Yellow House is damaged, it will not be restored, which directly damages the social and public interests.

This is the second immovable cultural relics lawsuit filed by CBCGDF in Guangdong Province. The legal department of CBCGDF will continue to report the progress of the case and welcome the attention of the public.


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