Experts in the Fields of Environmental Law and Environmental Damage Appraisal Came Together to Discuss the EPIL Case of the Yanchang Company’s Oil Spill That Has Not Been Closed for Four Years
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On September 4, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) invited experts in environmental law and environmental damage appraisal to conduct a discussion on the public interest lawsuit filed by CBCGDF in 2016 regarding the oil spill of Yanchang Petroleum Pipeline Company.


The seminar invited experts and scholars in the field of environmental law from China University of Political Science and Law, Capital University of Economics and Business, Peking University, Beijing University of Technology, Tianjin University, and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and a total of 12 environmental damage assessment experts from Beijing Bosen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong University Ecological Environmental Damage Identification Institute, Beijing Academy of Environmental Sciences, Environmental Planning Institute of Ministry of Ecology and Environment. The Secretary-General of CBCGDF chaired the seminar.


This seminar mainly discussed four topics regarding the CBCGDF's public interest litigation against Yanchang Petroleum: The oil theft resulted in the leakage of gasoline in the underground oil pipeline, and the identification of the responsible party for environmental pollution; In this public interest litigation case, soil and groundwater pollution investigation, treatment and restoration plans, issues related to the identification of losses during the ecological service function; After the soil and groundwater are contaminated, in addition to the obligation of treatment and restoration, should the responsible person also bear the loss during the period of ecological service function; In environmental public interest litigation filed by social organizations, the management and use of repair costs and compensation for losses during the period, the dilemma of social supervision, etc.


The environmental damage appraisal experts attending the seminar mainly analyzed the oil spill investigation plan and repair plan submitted by the defendant Yanchang Petroleum Company. Whether the content of the plan and the formulation procedures are legal, and whether the investigation method is clear about the pollution status and extent; Whether the soil should be restored; Indicated whether there is deliberate or gross negligence on the issue borne by the party responsible for the pollution incident; Whether the above facts can lay the foundation for making scientific and reasonable restoration plan.


After soliciting the opinions of participating experts, CBCGDF will share their opinions expressed at the meeting. The public is welcome to participate in the discussion and put forward opinions.

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