CBCGDF’s Attorney Doesn’t Mind Being Tested and Isolated, and Insists on Following Up Environmental Public Interest Litigation Cases
2020/5/22 14:54:00 本站

With the gradual unblocking of Wuhan, the domestic COVID-19 epidemic situation has continued to improve, and people in Hubei Province have gradually restored their daily work and life rhythm. The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) attorney who is originally from Hubei, follows up on environmental public interest litigation cases has also begun work on advancing the case, performing legal procedures, conducting evidence exchange, and cross-examining evidence.


Some regions, however, remains cautious on people from hard-hit areas such as Hubei and Jilin Provinces. Therefore, the CBCGDF attorney encountered a small episode when arrived the destination.


This week, when CBCGDF's attorney arrived in the city where the trial court is located, because was originally from Hubei Province, and had not left from Hubei for 14 days, was asked to conduct quarantined nucleic acid test at the airport. After the test result was negative, was allowed to pass through, and checked into a designated isolated hotel according to local requirements.


Testing and isolation during an outbreak are a consideration of people's health and public health security needs, and CBCGDF actively cooperates. At the same time, kudos to this attorney who does not mind being tested and isolated, meticulously fulfills the duties of environmental public interest litigation attorney, and the spirit of efforts to protect the ecological environment.


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