A case in which Manis gigantea scales used as a medicine was officially filed | CBCGDF Pangolin Civil Public Interest Litigation
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After amending and submitting the lost indictment on January 13, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) finally received the case acceptance notice of Baoding Intermediate People's Court of Hebei Province on March 12. This means that the public interest litigation of the African Manis gigantea scales used as a medicine, which lasted four and a half months, was finally officially filed!


This case originated from a disclosure of information that CBCGDF applied to Hebei Forestry and Grassland Bureau. We learned from this document that Hebei Anguo Juyaotang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. purchased a batch of African Manis gigantea scales from Beijing Shengshi Xingwen Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and sold them to Sichuan Gukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. used in processing Chinese medicine decoction pieces. However, according to China's Drug Administration Law and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the only pangolin scales that can be used for medicines are Chinese pangolin scales, and the use of African Manis gigantea scales to process traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces does not meet China's drug management requirements. Therefore, CBCDFF listed the three enterprises as the defendants in the public interest litigation and listed the Hebei Forestry and Grassland Bureau and the Beijing Landscaping Bureau as the third parties.


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