Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF: Indoor Environmental Pollution Should be Clearly Included in the Scope of Regulation of the Environmental Protection Law
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On October 22, 2019, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and Beijing Impact Law Firm co-organized the "First Case of Indoor Public Places (Tobacco Control) Environmental Public Interest Litigation" symposium in Beijing. The speech of CBCGDF Deputy Secretary-General Ma Yong at the opening ceremony of this meeting is now shared as follows.


Good morning everyone! Thank you very much for coming to the symposium on "The First Case of Indoor Public Places (Tobacco Control) Environmental Public Interest Litigation" co-organized by CBCGDF and Beijing Impact Law Firm. Whether it is the first case, we will make another comment, but after the case was brought into the proceedings, it caused widespread social concern.


Participants present today include experts on environmental protection that we have invited: legal experts, technical experts, including technical experts in tobacco control. Legal experts are invited to handle this case better. In order to make it more effective, we also invite some friends from the media. Let us study and discuss this case together.


In this case, we have been fully prepared. After a long process of filing this case, it has now entered the proceedings. This is a new type of case, and it will inevitably face some new problems. In the process of litigation, how to make new ideas and new ways to make the litigation work of this case better. At the same time, we also hope that the other effects brought by this case can further promote the nationwide tobacco control legislation through this case.


In addition to the legislative work, this case involves raising the elements of indoor public places and using the legal system of environmental public interest litigation to provide relief is also a new attempt. We hope that this case can be used as an entry point. Through our efforts, we can clarify the indoor environment into the Environmental Protection Law as one of the basic elements of the environment. In this way, in the future, not only the indoor public places, but also the pollution caused by other indoor places or the destruction of other environments, can be solved through environmental public interest litigation or environmental litigation.


I am fortunate to have experts here today. I hope that at the meeting, the atmosphere of our symposium will be as relaxed as possible, and everyone will speak out. We hope that we can ask some questions and even some good suggestions. Let us handle this case well together. Thank you all!

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