Call for the Inclusion of the Indoor Environment in the Scope of Environmental Law | CBCGDF Will Hold a Symposium on the First Domestic Indoor Public Tobacco Control Case
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First of all, here is a meeting information to be shared: on the morning of Oct 22, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) will jointly hold a symposium on the first domestic indoor public tobacco control case with impact law firm. Experts, media, and representatives of social organizations interested in this topic are welcome to sign up.


The case was raised by the CBCGDF in Baoding middle people's court on May 2019. The cause of the case is to build a smoking room in the children's mall of "Yongwang dream city" and set up signs indicating the smoking room, which will affect air quality and public life and health (especially minors). After the case was filed, the defendant objected to jurisdiction, which was rejected by the court. 


The case seems to originate from a "small matter", but it is a new field opened up by environmental public interest litigation. Just like the case of cultural relics and ancient trees brought by the CBCGDF before, the CBCGDF hopes to promote the indoor environment into the scope of environmental protection law through the filing and judgment of the case of smoke control.


Ma Yong, Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF, said that at present, the indoor environment in China has not been written into the scope of the environmental protection law. He suggested that the state should include the indoor environment into one of the "environment" elements in the relevant amendments of environmental laws, so that the indoor environment in public places, including smoking, will be polluted. Relevant system relief and regulation of environmental law.


Experts and lawyers in the field of environmental law will also be invited to discuss and make suggestions.

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