Photography Training Camp for Volunteers Open to Register Online!
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Volunteers take social responsibility of their own free will without any pay. They make full use of their leisure time to engage in public benefit activities, playing a significant role in promoting social development. As a national NGO dedicated to environmental protection, Chinese Biodiversity Conservation, and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has the duty to offer guidance and organize training sessions for volunteers, so as to advance the development of public welfare undertaking. In this training camp, CBCGDF invites senior investigative reporters and photographers from CCTV, Xinhua News, and other prestigious news agencies to give practical lectures to volunteers with the aim of improving professional skills, thus contributing to ecological environment protection.


Any volunteer interested in is welcome to register through the official link ( CBCGDF will review the candidates according to the order in which they apply and the materials they submitted and select thirty to forty applicants because of the limited seats. CBCGDF will also create a Wechat group for better communication.


Programme for Photography Training Camp (provisional version)

1. Host and Organizers

This training camp is hosted by Chinese Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and organized by the Research Department and Publicity Department of CBCGDF.


2. Date & Address

Date: April 8th (International Rare Animal’s Day)


Address: Huanjing Building, No. 16 Guangqumennei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China


3. Training Camp

A. Training for photography in nature

B. Training for environmental news skills

C. Training for video shooting in the wild

D. Training for emergency response

E. Notes of field investigation

F. Training for editing and publicity


4. Agenda

A. Introduction, 2:00-2:10

B. Opening Speech “Volunteers and Ecological Environment Protection” delivered by Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, General-Secretary of CBCGDF, 2:10-2:30

C. Lectures 2:30-5:30 (Four Classes, 45 minutes per session)

Given by senior investigative reporters, photographers, and volunteers.

D. Q & A 5:30-5:50

E. Group Photo 5:50-6:00

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By / Wang Yanqing