CBCGDF Volunteer, British Extreme Athlete, Adventurer, Explorer Ash Dykes Sent New Year Greetings from the Bai Autonomous Prefecture | Looks Forward to Interacting with CBCGDF Oppose Electro Fishing New Force in Panzhihua
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The last newsletter talked about the CBCGDF volunteer, the awesome British extreme athlete, adventurer, explorer Ash Dykes (@AshDykes) completed the chapter to the Lijiang section of Yunnan Province in his epic #MissionYangtze journey, in an attempt of the third world record in his life. He paused and took a break in Dali, Yunnan, and was about to embark on the next chapter’s journey.


During the more than ten days from the beginning of December 2018 in Dali, Ash spent a busy and warm time: reunited with his father and uncle, who came far from the north Wales his hometown; With the support of CBCGDF and Dali Art Factory, he realized one wish: held a large-scale speech and book signing event. During the event, he specifically mentioned with the help and support of CBCGDF and the local departments of Sanjiangyuan, he traced the true source of Yangtze River in Sanjiangyuan in the summer of 2018, starting from there – after crossing Mongolia and Madagascar, the third world record is approaching him.


As Christmas approached, Ash said goodbye to his folks and entered the short break before reloading. Throughout the journey, Ash has inadvertently revealed the feeling of “Solitary” in the “Mission Yangtze” journey. It is like the ancient Chinese “Cautious”. Surely on the one hand, Ash can’t help but share the feelings of the journey with his fans; on the other hand, while opening his heart, he is not really “Lonely”. Not only because of the convenience brought by modern electronic communication equipment, but also because of human interaction and communication _ “The world is a global village” is well confirmed in Ash.


While staying in Dali, he video-connected – participated in an annual conference held in his hometown in North Wales. The world is really small – through video call, he interacted with a school in the Bronx – New York City, where the kids have been following his journey throughout and asked questions whilst he’s been on the go! A big banner on his mysterious Chinese adventure even displayed in the UK, Wales – his hometown, on the side of a sports and rugby union stadium!


In Dali, he reunited with Matt. At the age of 19, they had been cycling through Vietnam and Cambodia together, and this time they will complete the next chapter together. Ash sees Matt as a buddy and mentor because he has not reached the limit that Matt has already surpassed. Let’s wish this time Ash will not feel “lonely”.


On New Year’s Eve, Ash and his party have set off from Jinan County, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, along the west bank of the Jinsha River, passing through Longkaikou Town, and will soon arrive in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province. The unbeknown thing is, an outstanding representative of the huge volunteer force of CBCGDF, the FDY Fish Protection Center, is already beckoning to them.


The CBCGDF FDY Fish Protection Center (Oppose Electro Fishing Union), headquartered in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, was launched and officially founded at the initiative of Mr. Zhu Kai. It is a non-profit public welfare group established with the consent of CBCGDF to resist illegal fishing, to protect indigenous fish species, to protect aquatic animals, and to protect water resources. At present, 11,000 environmental protection volunteers have joined, and 45 volunteer service stations have been set up, bringing together oppose electro fishing volunteers from 12 provinces and cities and nearly 70 counties and cities nationwide. It is the first professional public welfare group in China that resists illegal fishing and protection of aquatic animals.


The enthusiastic Mr. Zhu Kai is already looking forward to Ash’s arrival at Panzhihua, where there is a workstation of the Oppose Electro Fishing Union. According to his plan: the protection of the wildlife and combating with the illegal fishing is also a very meaningful adventure. He said that through exchanges and learning with Ash, they can also acquire more skills for survival in the wild. In addition, in the section of the Jinsha River that they are about to meet, the species is also very rich.


Before the New Year’s Eve, Ash spent a festive and jubilant time with the local villagers in Longkaikou Town, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. It is an absolutely memorable experience: Ash personally got involved in the traditional Bai dancing! He also practiced the preparation process of food materials – getting his mouth on fire! When was invited to a housewarming party, he also learned to calve his name in Chinese! The locals said that he and Matt were the first Westerners to get there. Ash felt that the coexistence of local traditions and modernity, and the enthusiasm of the old people for the education of the younger generation are amazing. It’s just like when he once faced the heart of the Blue Moon Valley under the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, his feelings were like: China never stops surprising him with all its beauty and diversity. From what he’s seen so far, China has every country in one!


In the Jinsha River basin, what wonderful discoveries will be harvested by CBCGDF volunteer Ash? Welcome to follow the official Wechat account ChinaGreenExpress, to feel the experience of Ash Dykes in real time.


With CBCGDF's support, a longing keynote sharing was held in Dali Art Factory.


The lively book signing part.


Said bye to folks.


Riding solo.


Interacted with a school in the Bronx – NYC through video call.


Mission Yangtze banner, displayed in the UK, Wales - his home town.


Mastering the small wolrd.


The heart-rending Blue Moon Valley.


Visited Changchun cave temple and learned a small bit of Kung-Fu Tai Chi.


Reloaded with Matt after Christmas.


Welcomed new year with villagers in Longkaikou town.


Can't help but dance.


Calved own name in Chinese.



Became a bridge of friendship in Longkaikou town.


Had gratitude in Sanjiangyuan source (饮水思源).

(Photos credit: Ash Dykes - Please indicate the source)



The CBCGDF FDY Fish Protection Center (The left is Mr. Zhu Kai. Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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