Zhang Xiang: I Always Bring Two Thing with Me - Senior Citizens Card and CBCGDF Volunteer Certificate
2019/1/2 15:21:00 本站

During the holiday of this new year, conservationists gathered at Salon of Rural Civilization for Ecological Civilization held by Rural Revitalization and Forestry Modernization Forum in Chong Coffee.


Zhang Xiang recognized him as soon as Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF entered the Salon. He showed his volunteer certificate to the peer conservationists and shared his stories being a conservationist.


Mr. Zhang was promoting waste classification in Hainan villages, by sharing knowledge about the relationship between biodiversity and waste classification. Although some people weren’t paying attention to him in the first place, their attention was soon attracted when Mr. Zhang showed his volunteer certificate issued by CBCGDF. Later, they took Mr. Zhang to meet their secretary of Party branch of the village.


He said that the volunteer certificate plays a great role in grass-roots work. Mr. Zhang continued that it was important to make the best of the volunteer certificate. Volunteers could exert incredible power if supported. And the CBCGDF volunteer certificate is the best support.


Later, Dr. Zhou said that the biodiversity conservation was conducted in three levels: genes, species, and habitats. Building Ecological Civilization requires conceptual change. For example, furniture should not be abandoned after a few years, as it brought the huge cost to the environment let alone it's emotionally valuable and free of formaldehyde.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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