More than 400 Volunteers “Cycling + Hiking” Dated with International Wetland City Haikou in Hainan Province | CBCGDF CCAfa
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In November 2018, CBCGDF China Conservation Area for Wetland at Dongzhaigang (CCAfa) established, which means that CBCGDF attaches importance to the ecological environment protection of wetlands, and CBCGDF explores the protection power of the people and effectively integrates with the government's protection system, it is an effective implementation. CBCGDF hopes to strengthen the construction of protected areas in Haikou Wetland through the patrol of the field, the popularization, and research of science, and international exchanges, and build a more comprehensive and systematic protection system.


At the same time, CBCGDF is willing to use the fashion and healthy behavior to convey the concept of sustainable development and to deepen the awareness of volunteer service into the concept of ecological protection of wetlands. The way in which all the people have participated in cycling and hiking while embracing the healthy life, appeal to the public to participate in the protection of wetlands.


Wetland is a treasure trove of human resources for survival and guarantees sustainable development. It plays an irreplaceable role in conserving water sources, purifying water quality, storing floods and droughts, regulating climate and protecting biodiversity.


In order to strengthen the awareness of the whole people’s protection of the wetlands in Haikou City, Hainan Province, to improve the public's understanding of the wetlands and create a good atmosphere for the protection of wetlands, last weekend, a “Green Hiking in Haikou City, where the Most Beautiful Wetlands Exist” environmental protection events were held in the Meishehe National Wetland Park and the Dongzhaigang National Mangrove Forest Nature Reserve in Hainan Province around the theme of “I have a date with the wetlands”. More than 400 cycling and hiking enthusiasts and environmental volunteers joined the events to learn about the wetlands and the beauty of the wetlands in Haikou by cycling and hiking, thus driving more people to protect the wetlands.


Participants are not distinguished by age and nationality. A student from Pakistan said, "This wetland city not only has a unique scenery but also a rich and diverse cultural activity, reflecting the unique charm of Haikou's humanities and ecological environment." A student from Russia expressed in Chinese "To come to this event, not only for sports but also to visit Haikou Wetland Park, to experience the most beautiful wetland scenery and appreciate the charm of the international wetland city."


The event was guided by Haikou Forestry Administration, Haikou Tourism Development Committee, Haikou City Culture Broadcasting, and Television Publishing and Sports Administration. It was co-assisted in organizing by CBCGDF Hainan Project Office, Haikou Wetland Protection Management Center, Haikou City Landscape Administration, Haikou City Wetland Protection Association, Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd., International Volunteers Association Hainan Representative Office and other units.


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