CBCGDF Awards Volunteer Certificate for Wildlife Protection Dog, and Wore It Volunteer Badge
2018/12/16 20:51:00 本站

On December 7, CBCGDF became the first NGO in China to award a volunteer certificate and a badge for the wildlife protection to a dog. By post, it has been sent to the Director of "China Conservation Area for Waterfowl at Tangshan" Mr. Tian Zhiwei. On December 9, Director Tian gave a feedback of a photo of this fearless puppy wearing a volunteer badge of CBCGDF. Let us take a look at the heroic posture of this conservationist dog.


This puppy is a professionally trained volunteer for wildlife protection. It has a highly developed nervous system, a sensitive and extraordinary sense of smell and hearing, and a sharp night vision function. Its ability to distinguish smell is millions of times higher than humans. It has hundreds of millions of olfactory cells in its nose and can smell hundreds of different smells. With its own expertise, it can track the smell of toxic baits cast by criminals on endangered species habitats and find traces. It is the killer of the criminal illegal poisoning of wildlife.


According to Director Tian, the puppy goes out to patrol every day. In the fields covered by heavy snow, it can accurately find the poison bait buried under the snow, which is extremely efficient. Director Tian will also send videos of the puppy patrol, so stay tuned.






(Photo credit: Tian Zhiwei)

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