Immersed in China’s Amazing Eco-environment, the Renowned British Extreme Adventurer, Explorer and CBCGDF Volunteer Ash Dykes is about to Speak in Dali, Yunnan Province
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In the last newsletter, the British extreme athlete, adventurer, CBCGDF volunteer Ash Dykes has successfully completed his first chapter of the Mission Yangtze with the help and support of CBCGDF. He and his team entered the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province and gradually realized one of the surprises of the journey: discover the true and natural beauty of China.


Time flies, Ash’s footsteps never stop; he is really in strict accordance with the requirements of the itinerary, without touching the road in the cities full of humanity, but along the rich route of natural habitats. According to his message to the fans: walking the road and sometimes riding a vehicle or a cattle, it is cheating and cannot be promoted. Back to a bit while ago, he had successfully entered Yunnan Province as planned, and ended the second chapter of “Runaway” in the Lijiang section. His team published a Press Release: Ash has reached the first major bend in the river, its southernmost point, where it takes a sharp 90 degree turn and flows to the northeast in the province of Yunnan, the third province Ash has entered, having previously trekked through Qinghai and Sichuan. In the first 11 weeks of the adventure Ash has already completed 1,500 miles of the 4,000 mile journey, putting himself well within reach of his goal to complete the expedition within a year.


Ash said, “It’s been a wild adventure and more extreme than I could have ever imagined.” While experiencing various physical and mental tests all the way, he is more digging into the rich biodiversity environment of all places: Having followed the river south he now finds himself in a warmer, tropical environment at a lower altitude. “There are more people, vegetation, plantations, paddy fields and more of the typical southeast Asian wildlife that can only survive in the warmer climate” Ash says of the changes he has recently experienced.


The Press Release mentioned: He has been keen to get involved in the locals’ way of life, helped by his fast-developing language skills. Recently, he has worked paddy fields, cared for fruit and vegetable plantations, and helped local farmers with livestock such as pigs, chickens and cattle. It has been interesting seeing how the younger generations are utilising new technologies and influencing the ancient, traditional ways of their elders.


This time’s Press Release titled: British Adventurer Ash Dykes reports surprising observations about the cleanliness of the environment upon arriving at the second major milestone on his world-first traverse of the length of China’s Yangtze River. The article reads: Ash has made surprising observation about the cleanliness of the environment. Over the next 500 miles Ash will see where rural China meets urban China and how they integrate with one another. Of particular interest for Ash personally will be the environment. “Protection of the environment is very close to my heart and I always push out the message that you must enjoy this planet we live on, but also protect it.” “So far I’ve been keeping my eye out for plastic pollution and I can honestly say I’m surprised with how well cared for the Yangtze River and the tributaries that flow into it actually are. I’ve not seen much plastic in the waterways up to now.”


“China is making huge progress and pound for pound they are fighting climate change faster than any other country. I’ve seen so many new tree plantations, wind farms and solar panel sites during my journey.”


Ash has been keeping everyone posted on social media and continues to grow a huge following with fantastic engagement, sharing everything he comes across in real time. People can even track him on his website and see where he is, within 5 meters of his actual location.


Recently, Ash has arrived in Dali old town of Yunnan Province, where he meets with his father and uncle, who came from their hometown in North Wales. The father and son finally reunited. This weekend, Ash will give a large-scale sharing session supported by CBCGDF in the Dali Art Factory. They are current in the midst of preparations. If you were interested, welcome to invite friends to the event. For more information on it, please stay tuned on Wechat ID: ChinaGreenExpress.


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Said goodbye to the magnificent Sichuan-Tibet area


Dipping human traces before entering Yunnan


Magnificence of the first bend of the Yangtze River




The enchanting Yunnan Province


A volunteer of CBCGDF – a panoramic view of a Yunnan spider


Convinced by the Tiger Leaping Gorge


Inevitable true temperament on birthday moment


Live tracking him on his official website.


Amazed by the use of solar energy facility in rural China



Feeling the overwhelming ecological biodiversity: from snowy to surrounded by cacti


Walking like the wind: has reached the second bend of the Yangtze River

Back to Dali


Visited a village in Dali, hoping to drive the local tourism industry. The villagers gathered a meeting for this reason.


Preparing the sharing session


Father-son time


(Photo credit: Dali Art Factory)

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