Volunteers Plan to Launch CBCGDF Guangzhou Green Lung Guardian Team | Urban Forest and Biodiversity Protection
2020/9/24 19:07:00 本站

Recently, a group of young people living in Guangzhou approached the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Volunteer Service Working Group, hoping to launch the "CBCGDF Guangzhou Green Lung Guardian Team" project.


The project aims to restore urban forests, protect biodiversity, and is committed to mobilizing protection desires through personal interests, connecting hiking enthusiasts in the city, cleaning the mountains regularly, and conducting garbage classification surveys to promote the improvement and management of scenic spots construction.


At the same time, carry out scientific popularization and publicity and education about nature, advocating that tourists in scenic spots do not produce garbage when climbing, and consciously purify the environment of the mountains. Therefore, it’s hoped to use Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province as a starting point to encourage more enthusiastic volunteers in the city to join the team to protect the forests and jointly protect the biodiversity around them.


The team members come from all walks of life, as well as college students in school, come together for the same goal. The person in charge of the team said: “Take Guangzhou’s ‘city lung’ - Baiyun Mountain as an example. It absorbs nearly 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide every day. We leave it with nearly 5 tons of trash every day, which is equivalent to filling it up with five basketball courts. What's more deadly is that a tree, when its roots become fragile, may destroy a forest in strong wind and rain. The disappearance of urban forests will aggravate climate change, reduce rainfall, and increase dryness, which will be more likely to cause forest fires and natural disasters, threatening the livable homes of us and the next generation. "


Kudos to this group of young people are enthusiastic about environmental protection and take the initiative to assume social responsibility. Sincerely welcome enthusiastic friends from all walks of life to actively join the team of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, and work together to contribute to the lucid waters and lush mountains of China.



(Photo credit: Green Lung Guardian Volunteers)

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