Enthusiastic Volunteers in Harbin Look Forward to the District Government’s Determination to Ban the Mobile Bird Market
2020/3/30 15:26:00 本站

On March 28, 2020, volunteers discovered that wild birds were sold in the floating bird market in Beiwudao Street, Daowai District. The mayor's hotline was called to reflect the problem. The other party asked for the specific location, and the reply was that Harbin's Daowai Bird Market has a long history and is located in Beiwudao Street.


In the past two months, the functional departments of governments at all levels have even controlled the COVID-19 epidemic in the context of the nationwide fight against the pandemic, but the government still requires that the epidemic prevention and control should be done, the public access to the community is restricted, and the enterprise has not yet reached 100% in the case of normal resumption of work, how did the mobile bird market in Daowai District "return to work"? And the strange thing is, how did these bird cage people get in and out of the community? Crowds gathered and wild animals were traded illegally. What's wrong with the epidemic prevention and control work in Daowai District?


On the morning of the 28th, it is understood that Harbin Forest Public Security and Daowai District Public Security Joint brigade raided the bird market in Daowai District. But around 1 pm, someone came to the bird market again and was still selling. Volunteers think this "cat and mouse" style "game" should be over.


Call the mayor's hotline again. After investigation by the staff of the office, there were no traders selling birds within the booth area of Beiwudao Street Market. At the intersection of Beiwudao Street and Qiantang Street, the birds and fish dealers are managed by the bird, fish and fish market under the Administration of Industry and Commerce. Opinion of the Daowai District Government: The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has been coordinated for verification and processing.


Volunteer grievances include:


The location of the office staff survey is the scope of the market stalls, not the scope of the mobile bird market. The feedback from the Daowai District Government shows that it seems to have no knowledge of the long-standing illegal sale of mobile bird market in the department!


Whether effective measures should be taken from the perspective of avoiding epidemic diseases. Are there any specific inspection measures for the characteristics of the jurisdiction outside Daowai District? Should the focus areas of crowd gathering types of illegal wildlife trading activities be within the scope of strictly controlled attention? Should problems be identified and addressed in a timely manner?


3. It is hoped that Daowai District Government will face up to the problems in the area under its jurisdiction, and do not evade and actively solve the problems. They can learn from the experience of other cities and regions, and thoroughly ban the mobile bird market in Daowai District of Harbin for many years. Give the public satisfactory answers.



(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)