Students from the Fudan University School of Life Sciences Hope to Form an Intern Team during the Holidays and Participate in the Work of CBCGDF. The Green Great Actively Engages
2018/12/21 10:04:00 本站

Recently, CBCGDF has received emails from students from the Departments of Ecology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Fudan University in Shanghai. The students all said that they have come into contact with the knowledge on biodiversity conservation in the relevant courses. With a preliminary understanding and mastery, they hope to promote more and more relevant knowledge by participating in the work of CBCGDF.


Some students also raised detailed and detailed questions and would like to know more about the key content and progress of CBCGDF's biodiversity conservation work in the Yangtze River Delta region. Some students also enthusiastically recommend themselves, saying that they have been in constant with translated literature and internships in the field from the perspective of their majors. They are willing to become volunteers of CBCGDF, doing some translations, field trips, document compilation, social media promotion, etc.


Sophia, the head of CBCGDF Green Great platform, contacted these students as soon as she received the email, and actively arranged for them to participate in a series of volunteers work including the construction of CBCGDF CCAfa (China Conservation Area for something at somewhere) system, environmental public interest litigation (EPIL), Oppose Electro Fishing and Pangolins protection, etc.


This time again, it has proved that CBCGDF has launched a large number of non-governmental volunteers and the protection of people of insight from all walks of life and promotes effective approaches for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, and effectively contributes to building an ecological civilization.



(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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