Green Hainan needs youth! The Green Great at Hainan was Officially Established!
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On October 28th, the first University Public Welfare Organization Exchange of Green Great·Hainan was held at the Hainan Incubation Base for Social Organization. The exchange meeting was guided by the Hainan Volunteers Association, Hainan Youth Star Public Welfare Service Center and Hainan University Student Green Sunshine Environmental Protection Alliance.


The exchange was attended by 120 students from 10 universities.


The director of Green Great said that it’s especially rare to see a city(Haikou) with 24 marine reserves and is known for its ecological resources. This emerging international wetland city is undoubtedly another very good ecological symbol to the world. Sophia hoped that students and non-profit organizations from the local districts should have a more comprehensive understanding of the resource endowments of Haikou, and she manifested her high hopes for young college students to actively participate in environmental protection activities.


Zheng Xingjie, the deputy secretary-general of the Hainan Volunteers Association, described his personal experience in environmental protection public welfare during his time at the university. He believed that academic studies will not be influenced by the participation in charity. Instead, students can acquire more knowledge by connecting more social resources and human resources. "Everyone is gone when the earth is gone, so I hope everyone will unite with each other from now on and protect our environment jointly. It is hard to win alone," Zheng said.


The rest of the exchange was followed by speeches delivered by different organizations, panel discussion and workshops.


Although the exchange has come to an end, their vision will continue to grow.






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