CBCGDF Ecological Tree Sprouts New Branch: CBCGDF “Green Great” College Student Volunteers Station Established in Suzhou Province, Indicates a Promising Future for Public Welfare
2018/10/16 16:24:00 本站

If you are a college student, how will you contribute to public welfare? While asking this question, the writer was also considering the same question: what would I do if I were a college student?


Nowadays, college students hold different attitudes and views towards this career as campus public welfare has changed vastly. Today’s young generation came to realized more that human, as a part of earth, should shoulder our responsibilities for nature. And they are making their own choices with more positive and active attitude. Future leaders of public welfare will be represented by them.


The new era has offered the young generations more opportunities and platforms. Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, General- Secretary of the CBCGDF put it that the CBCGDF can be compared to an ecological tree. That means the foundation must offer its service with the spirt and attitude pf a tree. CBCGDF college student volunteer station represents a thriving branch and also serves as a brilliant platform for the young generations. Every college volunteer is a leaf; with the support of branch, the “leaf” will embrace a bright future. The writer, while admiring such a great platform for the youth, hopes that they will fully demonstrate themselves and realize their dreams.


This October, CBCGDF ecological tree grows a new branch—Jiangsu CBCGDF College Student Volunteer Station is established ! We wish to see all the young volunteers grow with us and make their dreams happen.

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By / LIU Lu