CBCGDF Plans to Establish a Special Fund for China-Africa “One Belt, One Road” Initiative: Encourage “Going Out” to Carry Out Education and Research Work in Africa
2019/10/12 11:25:00 本站

Recently, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, discussed with CBCGDF staff on the establishment of a special fund for African research at the CBCGDF. Africa is a developing continent, which still retains virgin land that has not been destroyed by industrial civilization. It is one of the most natural, pure and original civilizations. The abundant natural landscape and resources it possesses have been trampled by the developed industrial areas. We should cherish them. The purpose of setting up the special fund for African research is to subsidize scholars, encourage them to "go out", go to Africa to investigate and understand Africa, and serve the "Belt and Road Initiative" work in Central Africa, so that the hearts of the people of China and Africa are interlinked.


In China's education work, if scholars can come to the scene for investigation, the results of relevant scientific and academic research will be more ideal. Africa is the key area for the important international projects of the CBCGDF and has carried out a lot of international exchanges and cooperation. At the 4th United Nations Environment Assembly in March this year, Kenya Environmental Protection Organization introduced to the Secretary-General of CBCGDF a thermal power plant in Kenya, which has received about $1.2 billion in financing from a Chinese bank (all of which will cost about $2 billion). Because of the problems in the project, they have filed an environmental lawsuit and asked Dr. Zhou to help coordinate the "Belt and Road Initiative" thermal power project. In addition, it also talked about the establishment of relations between the CBCGDF and the primitive tribes in Masai Mara, the sponsorship of scientific research and patrols in the reserve and the co-sponsorship of the 2018 China-Africa Wildlife Conservation Forum with the GlobalWide Media, and the support of Zhongnanwu's wildlife conservation work in Africa.


The CBCGDF is expected to establish a special fund for African research and participate deeply in global governance to support Chinese students to "go out" or help African students to carry out scientific research work in China. Through the establishment of the special fund, young scholars aged 28-38 can be selected to form a training course for their study. Secretary-General Zhou expressed his belief that we can do a good job and that moral matters will also receive strong support from all parties.


Finally, Secretary-General Zhou said that the fund could set up special fund management committees and expert committees to carry out project work. At present, the name of the Foundation remains to be discussed, and the follow-up project progress will be released one after another on CBCGDF’s social media platforms.

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By / Li Xue