Zhou Jinfeng is Invited to the Award Dinner of the 50th Anniversary of the Environmental Law Institute (ELI)
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Recently, the United States Environmental Law Institute (ELI) invited Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and green development Foundation (CBCGDF), to attend the award dinner held by the ELI in Washington, D.C., on October 22. The Environmental Law Institute was established on December 22, 1969, and its 50th anniversary will be in 2019. During the 50th anniversary celebration, the ELI will hold special events, programs or publications throughout the year. From January's "Pollution Prevention and Rethinking “Waste” to December's "NEPA 50 Years Later", a special theme event is set up every month to celebrate.


Since its establishment, the Environmental Law Institute, with the mission of "ELI makes the law work for people, places, and the planet", has played an important role in the field of environmental law, policy, and management at home and abroad. It is an internationally recognized, non-partisan research and education center dedicated to strengthening environmental protection by improving global law and governance and building a healthy, economically prosperous and vibrant community based on the rule of law. The ELI provides insightful and impartial analysis to opinion makers (including government officials, environmental and business leaders, academics and journalists) and provides a basis for debates on important environmental issues. The Institute plays its role by formulating laws and policies, providing legal education and training to professionals and the public, providing objective data and analysis, and bringing together different groups to solve problems.


Earlier, Bradly Marten, a member of the board of directors of the ELI, visited the CBCGDF. Secretary-General Zhou had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Marten on the exploration and practice of the CBCGDF in environmental law research and practice, which made the CBCGDF have a profound origin in environmental law research and laid a solid foundation for subsequent cooperation. In recent years, the CBCGDF has made tremendous efforts in environmental public interest litigation and achieved remarkable results. For example, CBCGDF sued Taobao for the sale of illegal automobile exhaust purifiers, Volkswagen in Germany for exceeding the emission standards, ConocoPhillips Bohai Oil Leak, Meituan takeout "not providing consumers with disposable tableware options" and Pangolin environmental public interest litigation, etc.  


During his trip to the United States, Secretary-General Zhou will share the management experience of environmental laws and policies, and share the efforts of CBCGDF in environmental public interest litigation with colleagues of the ELI, so as to let them know what Chinese social organizations are doing, and take this opportunity to disseminate the good stories and voices of China's practice and exploration in environmental law.


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