Zhou Jinfeng Presided Over the Book Launch of “Come On!”, a New Report to the Club of Rome
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On October 25, 2018, three members of the Club of Rome gathered at Peking University to jointly hold a new book launch for the Chinese translation version of the international think tank the Club of Rome’s latest report “Come On!”. The three members are: one of the authors of “Come On!”, the Club of Rome co-president Mr. Anders Wijkman, the Chinese translator of “Come On!”, member of the Club of Rome, Professor of Tongji University Prof. Cheng Yiheng, and member of the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, who presided over the book launch.


The book Come On! - Capitalism, Short-termism, Population and the Destruction of the Planetis prepared for the 50th Anniversary in 2018 of the Club of Rome. It is a follow-up to the Club of Romes landmark report The Limits to Growth, that was published in 1972 and sold more than thirty million copies.


The Limits report remains a cornerstone of the Club’s philosophy. But new challenges must be addressed such as climate change, irresponsible financial markets, the digital economy and other disruptive technology trends, an increasingly skewed distribution of income and wealth and the crisis of democracy. This book suggests possible solutions to the global ecological and social crises. At the core is the suggestion to develop a new Enlightenment for a “Full World”: we can no longer depend on a societal model that was developed for a world of less than one billion people.


Dr. Zhou said in the presidency that he had learned about the Club of Rome and ecological environment more than 20 years ago, especially to pay tribute to one person, Mr. Maurice Strong. The deceased member of the Club of Rome is Dr. Zhou’s guide on the road to environmental protection. Next month has the day of the three anniversaries of Mr. Strong’s passing away. Mr. Strong was the founder of the world’s environmental cause, father of protecting the earth. He spent most of his later years in China and was a mentor and friend of the Chinese people. He was not only a facilitator and founder of the cause of the global environmental governance and sustainable development, but also an important mentor to many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the global sustainable development field.


Dr. Zhou said, “I learned about the Club of Rome more than 20 years ago and read ‘The Limits to Growth’. I was awakened and eventually joined the cause of ecological protection and worked hard for it. Now, as a member of the Club of Rome, and an ‘early awakening’, I am very honored to be invited to the book ‘Come On!’, the preface to the Chinese version is titled ‘The Cry of the Awakening’. Now I have become from the awakened one to the one who cries. In the preface, I mention the story of Easter Island. Before the Easter Island civilization extinct, there must have been early awakenings who uttered cries. But in the end, they did not arouse more awakening, did not usher in ‘subversion’, but eventually went to extinction. Through the publication of the Chinese version of ‘Come On!’, I hope to evoke more awakenings and pass on the ‘awakening’ consciousness.”


The book launch was held at the Peking University Global Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. The launch was opened by Prof. Li Dihua, Executive Dean of the School of Landscape Studies at Peking University. During the event, Dr. Zhou presented the first sample book signed by Mr. Anders Wijkman and Prof. Cheng Yiheng to Prof. Li Dihua.


The preface to the Chinese version “The Cry of the Awakening” will be published in full, so stay tuned.






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