The Ten Scientific Issues Concerning Human Social Development | The 3th World Science and Technology Development Forum
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The 3th World Science and Technology Development Forum concluded on November 7th in Beijing. This two-day forum, focusing on “openness, trust, and cooperation”, was held both online and offline and mainly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.


At the closing ceremony in the afternoon of November 7th, the Ten Scientific Issues Concerning Human Social Development (TSICHSD) was published by hosts of the forum. These ten questions are all related to seventeen items of Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development made by UN, centering on the most urgent, basic, and challenging demands and covering three areas including ecology, medical treatment, and information.

Since CBCGDF’s delegates were invited to this forum, Convergence Media of CBCGDF have sorted relevant data and decided to share these ten questions with our readers.
the Ten Scientific Issues Concerning Human Social Development


1. How to build a nature-based circular economy to realize sustainable production and consumption and benefit both humankind and the earth?

2. What are the complex relationships and feedback mechanisms between climate change and the decreasing biodiversity?

3. How to build a terrestrial ecological carbon sink while maintaining ecosystem services and preserving biodiversity to facilitate realization of net-zero targets?

Medical treatment:

4.  What are the pathological mechanisms of major disease, pathological correlation between diseases, and early diagnosis strategy?

5.   How can we use data and information technologies to help control and mitigate global pandemics?

6.   How does remote artificial intelligence diagnosis expert system change the traditional medical diagnosis system?


7.   What are the information processing mechanisms of the human brain and the formation mechanisms of human intelligence?

8.   How does digital revolution change the sustainable development model of human society?

9.   What is the influence mechanism of high-speed, open information dissemination and machine trust on the future human social structure?

10.  How can we ensure the privacy and safety of the individual in an increasingly tracked and connected world?

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