CBCGDF’s First “Civilization Post” Was Awarded a Plaque: Welcome to Contact “Lao Liu Second-hand Bookstore” and Start the Recycle Together
2020/12/24 16:31:00 本站

"If a book is used twice, it is to save woods and forests to reduce pollution emissions from factories", this is a typical ecological civilization construction. On December 23, under the witness of Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Hong Hu, Hunan Representative of CBCGDF Publicity Department, and many readers of the “Lao Liu Second-hand Bookstore”, the first plaque of “Civilization Post” was officially set up in the bookstore. The awarding ceremony was livestreamed throughout the whole process, and more than 2,800 viewers participated online to witness this extraordinary ceremony.


Dr. Zhou said in his speech at the ceremony, that the “Lao Liu Second-hand Bookstore” leads the way of conservation and reuse, just like the seeds inadvertently planted in the ecological civilization construction but is has brought a huge guarantee for the promotion of ecological civilization.


“Why is Lao Liu Second-hand Bookstore as the first ‘Civilization Post’ of CBCGDF? Because we all know that the carrying capacity of the ecological environment is limited and achieving sustainable development with limited resources requires the whole society to make huge changes from concept to action.” During the event, Hong Wu expressed that he respects the workers who make silent contributions to promoting green development and guides the whole society to change the concept of resource development and utilization. Telling typical stories of ecological civilization from the people through the Civilization Posts is the core of the CBCGDF purpose, and it is also an active practice to promote the people to participate in the construction of ecological civilization.


The participation of the people is the fundamental guarantee for the construction of ecological civilization, and the "Lao Liu Second-hand Bookstore" insists on recycling and repeated use, which is the great practice of the people in the construction of ecological civilization.


Finally, Dr. Zhou put forward three suggestions. First, it is recommended that people all over the country send unnecessary old books to the "Lao Liu Second-hand Bookstore" for free; Second, it is recommended that people who watch the livestreaming or the public who see the news, if they have better premises or other better conditions, can be provided for Lao Liu, and jointly promote Lao Liu's ecological civilization cause to create greater glories; Third, interview with Lao Liu's friends who came to attend the awarding ceremony on the spot.


In the follow-up, CBCGDF will continue to promote the recognition of 10,000 Civilization Posts, and search for people’s innovation, persistence, and practice in the ecological civilization construction. We must promote the whole society to protect our planet, conserve resources, and move towards a better and happy life.


The CBCGDF “Civilization Post” project currently is in the process of applying and awarding one after another. It is hope you or your friends will be the next Civilization Post of CBCGDF. Let us protect the civilization posts together, to protect the ecological civilization together.




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