Zhou Jinfeng On the Upcoming Chinese New Year’s Travel Peak, Encourage the Public to Stagger Their Trips
2020/12/23 15:42:00 本站

The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is approaching, and this will be another "Golden Week". You may have seen that in the past we opposed the “one size fits all” approach to the Golden Week. This year we have another very important reason, that is COVID-19.


Thanksgiving and the coming Christmas, the COVID-19 has set new records of infection and death in the West. There is no doubt that although China has done a good job in this regard, the epidemic is well controlled. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, The COVID will be a very huge challenge for us.


During the Spring Festival, the number of Chinese people's flow, the scale of gathering, and the frequency of communication are stronger than in any Western country. Since the beginning of winter, new local cases have been added, the virus has not completely disappeared, and imported cases have not stopped. If we do not change again, the Spring Festival will be a big test.


The way to change is our current proposal - "Not going home" during the Spring Festival this year, this does not mean to not returning to your home, but to reduce the gathering of people and reduce public transportation. Instead, try to stay where you work, stay in your own small home, and communicate with your family, parents, and children who are far away from home, as much as possible virtually online. If you minimize travel and reduce the gathering of people, you will effectively protect yourself and your loved ones. This is a personal recommendation.


From the overall standpoint, during the peak of the Spring Festival, the short-term demand for excessive gathering of railways, highways, aviation, restaurants, hotels, and tourist resorts is very unfavorable to the ecological environment. For example, imagine that originally it only takes three or five hours to drive a car home, but because of the peak during the Spring Festival, you may need fifteen or even twenty hours.


Not only that, for the entire ecological environment, we recommend that each unit give employees sufficient permission to stagger the peak. First, of course, it is recommended that everyone try not to gather or travel; Second, each unit should try to make adjustments to stagger the peaks to give everyone considerable flexibility so that employees can avoid peaks.


At the same time, we hope that when COVID-19 is about to usher in a severe test, all sectors of society will bring together a little bit of effort from each of us. This will not only achieve good results in the control of the pandemic, but also make our carbon emissions, biodiversity threats, and other health and safety issues can be well paid attention to, which is good for everyone, also good for the earth.


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