Zhou Jinfeng: Innovative Application of Blockchain in the Field of Public Welfare (II)
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Many people donate a lot of money, and they can use the blockchain to directly reward this behavior. After the formation of the interest mechanism of modern civilization, morals, laws, and habits will be formed, which will change people's lives. Just like human beings eat every day, in fact, many times a lot of food is wasted, but everyone does not think that because there is no good mechanism to remind people who waste food. The blockchain can be built as a mechanism and can become a general equivalent. The general equivalent can be used to assist the pursuit and circulation of public interests. In the era of new civilization, the pursuit of individual interests leads to the destruction of overall interests. To correct everyone's behavior patterns, there must be a mechanism to safeguard the overall interests. This is the principle behind public welfare. Public interests will not be taken care of by everyone, and the damage they have suffered is left alone, but in the end, it will affect everyone.


There is an island in the South Pacific called Easter Island. There are many large stone statues on Easter Island. The island used to be very beautiful, rich, rich in products, and a lot of food. However, the humans on the island must pursue art, religion, and ethnicity. They compete to see who carved the big stone statues. Which ethnic group carved a larger stone statue shows that this ethnic group is greater. When the last tree was cut down and the storm washed away everything, everyone realized the problem, but it was too late.


Human beings on earth today produce a lot of plastic products. Why? Convenient, industrialized, fast, and effective, with capital driving behind. But humans have never thought about plastic flowers. From the extraction of oil, to the smelting of chemical plants, to the final link of putting on the table and in the hotel, these pollute the human habitat and the human respiratory system. When the plastic flower is useless, it is thrown into the garbage dump. Whether it is landfilled, burned, or floated to the ocean, it will be the last straw that crushes the human habitat. When humans were extinct, the earth was like Easter Island, leaving behind not giant stone statues, but plastic and reinforced concrete that did not degrade naturally.


How can this be changed? Public interests must have public general equivalents, and there must be a decentralized transaction method. Will anyone pay for it? Some. As I mentioned earlier, a certain foundation received tens of billions of donations in a year, but it did not form an effective general equivalent to conduct the most effective and personalized transactions, and did not effectively encourage each of us, each enterprise.


It did not form a scenario. As the blockchain often says, the most important thing now is the application scenarios and the effective and free transactions used to realize these scenarios. So I just mentioned old books, are there any other applications? Our foundation also has a large amount of funds to be spent every year. Who is the money for? A lot of work has been done in bidding and review, but the efficiency is obviously low. Mainly a credit issue. Dozens of small teams come to fight for the project, are they reliable or not? Then there is the issue of efficiency. Who can spend this money to generate the greatest public interest? But blockchain can help us solve all this. They can record the behavior of the public in the public interest and trade through us. As a foundation, many people just saw us and said that you can use blockchain to raise funds. But we are not here to invite you to raise donations. We are telling you about these scenarios. We hope that you can use the blockchain to make the system flow.


There are many crises and challenges we face. For example, there is a person who donated money, but he suddenly encountered difficulties. According to the charity law, the donated money cannot be returned. But if there is a blockchain and another person says that he also wants to show his love, we can tell him that A's love needs to be shared with everyone, and you can give a part of the money to A, and A will give part of the students to you. Then you can support the students and solve the difficulties he faces. This is a very small situation that happens every day. If the blockchain is involved, it will allow everyone's charity to circulate. As I said just now, everyone’s public welfare practice should be empowered by blockchain and give people corresponding support.


Now I’m talking about the need for blockchain to make charity for public welfare circulate more widely. Without sufficient general equivalents, a large amount of love is difficult to track. There are too many examples. Many people ask me to donate supplies. We can’t digest it, and we can’t make the most of this material. Just a set of office furniture, we can't use it ourselves, how do we know who needs it most? If there is a general equivalent, then this is not a problem. Like Wumart donating money to us, I said that you don’t need to donate money. You can develop public welfare on a larger scale by charging everyone’s tokens.


Like the current garbage sorting, thousands of used clothes recycling bins are placed across the country, and organizations will take out the used clothes to tidy up. This is a matter of protecting one's life. Why? Because the reuse of clothing, if it becomes a new raw material, will have a huge positive impact on our environment and ecology. In the industrial civilization, cigarette advertisements were everywhere. When I was studying in the United States, I saw very big advertisements, but everyone knew that smoking was harmful to public health. Now countries around the world are starting to ban smoking. The old clothes we just talked about are similar in many areas.


What is needed in the current civilized era? It is custom, religion, culture, belief, law, system, including the state, machinery, sovereignty, etc. This is a combination of civilizations of the times. The ecological civilization of today is different from the industrial civilization of the past. We must change, and the technological basis for change is blockchain.


I hope that this point of mine can help you and enable you to actively and innovatively protect the public interest. This is an opportunity for us to save ourselves.


Someone always said to me: "You let the African people starve to death in order to protect a few birds from starvation?" At a wealth summit forum, a well-known expert publicly accused me. I said no, I didn't want a few birds not to starve to death. Those birds are actually the most important and final indication of human habitat. When we protect them, we are actually protecting ourselves. Thank you all.






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