At the Invitation of the Eco-Environment Channel, Zhou Jinfeng Taught What is Biodiversity in the “Eco-Environment Lecture Hall” TV Show
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At present, with the impact of COVID-19 and the increasing public awareness of environmental protection, the term “biodiversity” has once again attracted the attention of all sectors of society. Biodiversity is the result of billions of years of development and evolution of life on earth, and it is the material basis for human survival. The development of human society is largely at the cost of sacrificing the environment and consuming the habitat of wild animals and plants, which has led to serious ecological consequences. So, what is biodiversity? What is the connection between biodiversity and ecological civilization? What should we do to deal with the crisis of biodiversity loss?


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) accepted the invitation of the program group of the Eco-Environment Channel "Eco-Environmental Lecture Hall" and recorded a TV program with the theme of "Biodiversity" in response to these hot topics, so as to launch the "Biodiversity" related discusses.


Dr. Zhou gave in-depth explanations and demonstrations on what is biodiversity, the five extinctions that the earth has experienced, the three levels of biodiversity conservation, and the practical work on biodiversity carried out by CBCGDF.


The show was broadcast on August 13, 2020. Due to the rich content, this topic is divided into two parts. CBCGDF specifically shared the link of the program as follows, readers are welcome to click and watch. Also look forward to the interested readers to communicate with us.


Lesson A: Biodiversity and Ecological Civilization


Lesson B: Biodiversity practices and principles


“Eco-Environment Lecture Hall” is an environmental protection program in the form of a talk show. The program provides lively analysis and objective comments on environmental protection hot topics, news events, and industry phenomena in life in a popular, witty, and humorous style. Let the audience further understand the close and profound connection between the environment and people, cultivate the public's environmental protection awareness, correct the public's misunderstanding of environmental protection concepts, compile an encyclopedia of environmental protection knowledge, and improve the public's ecological civilization quality.


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