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The initial contact with Mr. Mao Di was in 2018. At that time, the "Two Sessions Meetings" proposal meeting working group of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was promoting the proposal solicitation activities that year, and planning for the meeting to be held offline. I happened to receive a proposal from Mr. Mao Di - "Towards an Era of Ecological Civilization, Research and Education Must Go First". In this proposal, from the perspective of civilization, Mr. Mao Di explained the importance of opening ecological civilization courses in party school, universities, and middle schools to comprehensively enhance the awareness of ecological civilization of the whole people.


During the CBCGDF Two Sessions Meetings proposal meeting, Mr. Mao Di also came from far to participate. This was also the first time I met with him. Also, his proposal was accepted and submitted by the CPPCC National Committee member.


People who share common areas of concern and ideas are always easy to cross time and distance and get together again. In April 2019, I was honored to have Mr. Mao Di's visit. Mr. Mao Di, who is still elegant, brought a new surprise this time-his new book is being prepared for publication, and I was invited to preface him. This book is "Essays on Eastern and Western Civilizations" (originally titled "Civilizations Do Not Conflict") that has finally met with readers.


This is Mr. Mao Di's second exposition on civilization. Prior to this book, another book "The Awakening of Civilization-Towards the Era of Ecological Civilization" had been published, and I was honored to receive one with the author's signature. This reminds me of the preface I made for the new book "Come On!" of the Club of Rome: The Cry of the Awakened. As an awakened person, he should fulfill his duty of crying, so that the new era and new civilization can be spread more widely. It is a high-quality way to appreciate the thoughts of wise men from books.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has deeply imprinted the times and brought more variables to the exchanges between the East and the West. The social contradictions and conflicts caused by cultural differences have lasted for five to six thousand years. However, despite cultural differences, civilizations do not conflict. Just as Mr. Mao Di's thought in "Essays on Eastern and Western Civilizations" conveyed: the emergence of any kind of civilization system is the pace of human growth. If it is to last for a long time, it needs to follow morality. A community of shared future is the awakening of civilization that starts peace forever.


On the occasion of the publication of this new book, I hope more readers can use this book to share Mr. Mao Di's thoughts and insights on Eastern and Western civilizations.



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