Zhou Jinfeng On the Next Step in Response to COVID-19: Welcome the New Normal of Public Health
2020/8/16 21:13:00 本站

I just looked at a few sets of data and compared the situation in the United States, Sweden and other European countries since COVID-19. Including this year's death rate, infection rate, and a comprehensive comparison of the data curves formed by hepatitis viruses and traditional cold viruses in other years. The conclusion of these analyses is that COVID-19 has not had a huge impact on human health and mortality.


As for the accuracy and truthfulness of the above data and conclusions, and how to interpret these data, we will leave them aside. What I want to share and discuss with you today is: What should we do next in response to COVID-19?


I have a bold suggestion. I hope to gradually and greatly broaden our efforts to resume work and production. This is a new attempt to jointly build a community of common health for mankind, and an opportunity for us to face the new normal of public health. What should we do? In the future, with the improvement of detection capabilities, the increase of personnel flow, and the acceleration of information dissemination, more and more viruses and epidemics will become public events. So in the face of these public incidents, what is the best solution?


The people's life and health are indeed first and noble. However, we must also give more consideration to all aspects of development and happy life. My opinion is very simple. We now have enough testing capabilities, enough hospital beds, enough medical treatment capabilities, and enough experience. Our response to the past few waves of the epidemic has been very successful. So, for the current internal circulation, can we quickly and comprehensively restore domestic production and life? Of course, unnecessary gatherings should still be restricted, but at the same time, effective circulation, like things such as beekeepers’ transitions, should be strongly supported and should be fully liberalized, make our agricultural production and people's livelihood more secure.


What should we do internationally? In my opinion, it is possible to immediately resume operations of five times, ten times, or even hundreds of times. We are fully capable of conducting isolation, screening, testing, and treatment at several important ports. We can see ourselves as an active member in the international community. Even if it is a sick person, as long as he is willing to come, we can open up treatment for him. Because our country has accumulated sufficient experience, knowledge and strength. And through these treatments, we have deepened the international outer circulation, enhanced our friendship, and demonstrated our good international image. Many people do not understand us. After he comes, he will have a better understanding of us after he truly accepts our services.


In my opinion, this is a difficult time facing humankind globally, but it is also a very unique and important opportunity. Our development, communication, and openness, the timing of our reforms, are all embedded in it. We should seize this opportunity to fully advance the cause of medical care, service, and building a community of common health for mankind. If we can provide medical services to a considerable number of people, we will be considered a success. We have proved that China is not only considering itself, but also taking the initiative to assume a wider range of responsibilities. This is a concept.


Another set of concepts also includes our overseas students, overseas Chinese, our friends and business partners. Quite a few of them are willing to come back. The question now is, do we dare to take this risk? I think we dare and can take this risk. We are fully capable of meeting the current challenges. In terms of medical treatment, ability, and management, we can involve more people. And, the more we can accept, adapt and adjust ourselves, the more we can deal with the new normal of public health in the future, and the more we can make contributions in the new round of international development and competition, and the current international environment that is not optimistic. And the growth rate is either -9% or -6%. In comparison, our numbers are already very good. However, if we make great efforts to push forward in accordance with the two internal and external circulations, with the mentality of attacking the new normal, and the mentality of building a community of common health for mankind, to actively open the door, we will be fully capable of solving these crises in the world.


Of course, the news on TV is reporting numbers every day, and there are several or dozens of imported cases. But even if there are hundreds or thousands, what's the problem? Our medical conditions are fully able to accept and serve these people and make our own contributions. We do not need to provide these services for free, nor do we need to cure them 100%. What we need is to do our best to make positive and rapid changes based on the capabilities we already possess. Adaptation does take time, but whoever adapts quickly can seize this wave of opportunities and get more development.


I believe that our country’s institutional and cultural advantages, and all these self-confidences should be transformed into corresponding measures and implemented in concrete actions. I am very confident about this. I believe we can further open up, further increase circulation, and increase permission to enter. We can do it step by step, and some countries in Asia can pilot policies first. For other high-risk areas in the world, we can analyze it appropriately, one step leads to another. We have already practiced, for example, one flight per week can be turned into ten flights. We are now fully able to take up such challenges. Increase the load, increase the pressure, act together, build a community of common health for mankind, and respond to the new normal of public health.


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