Inferior Medicine Pangolin Is Used in Over 7,000 Patent Medicine! When Could These Endangered Species Be Added in The List of Rare Medicinal Materials Which Are Prohibited from Being Used in Medicine?
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Recently, the author input the keyword "pangolin" on the patent retrieval website, and over 7,000 pieces of pangolin-related patents popped up.


To secure the preciseness of this report, the author opened several pages in astonishment and found most search results of pangolin patents are related to medicine production.


Advanced research shows that more than 6,000 pieces of information are about "medicine production" and "captive breeding", accounting for nearly 90 percent of pangolin patents. Just, by comparison, only 200 pieces of data of pangolin patents have few relations with "medicine production" or "captive breeding", such as pangolin biomimetic machine and pangolin species identification technology.


A marvelous tonic, or a hype giving zero respect to life on the earth!


Further reading helps the author find a ray of a clue regarding these medicine production patents.


An antimicrobial which claims can cure dental ulcer, insect bites, and chilblain, for instance, publicly indicates one of its ingredients as “pangolin 20~50g”.


Ordinary people may merely know pangolin scale is a traditional medicine ingredient, but few know the reality that the scale is repeatedly noted as poison, and even inferior medicine, in traditional classics.


Does the pangolin scale have a medical curative effect on boil disease, bone disease, promoting lactation, and tonifying Yang? There is still a major controversy over it.


Besides that, the author noted a large number of patents are with pangolin ingredients after further searching.


What? (Pangolin) Can Prevent Hair Loss?


Here is another egregious example:


This food production patent was published in November 2017, effective in the same month, and revoked in September 2019.


What makes the author confused is that hundreds of traditional medicine materials in Chinese Pharmacopeia are recognized as effective to the above diseases. Is the pangolin scale indeed irreplaceable in patent medicine? Are merchants using the national protected and endangered animal for promotion? Or are relevant departments negligent in review?


Opinions and recommendations concerning the national patent law.


Firstly, the author would like to glance over the Examination of Invention Patent in the Field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Draft for Comment):


1. The review concerning paragraph 1, Article 5 of the National Patent Law, "No patent shall be granted for an invention that contravenes any law or social moral or that is detrimental to public interests."


1.1. Invention concerning rare traditional Chinese medicinal materials

Rare medicinal materials include endangered wild animal and plant, crude drugs from rare minerals as well as a paleontological fossil.


1.1.1 Prohibited rare traditional Chinese medicinal materials

The utilization of such medicinal materials would worsen the exhaustion of natural resources, disrupt ecological equilibrium, and cause damage to public interests. China has already canceled relevant medical standards and bans the use in medical production. Therefore, invention patent involving prohibited rare traditional Chinese medicinal materials is infringing public interest, and shall not be granted, according to paragraph 1, Article 5 of the Patent Law.


Notably, the national regulations on the list of rare Chinese medicinal materials that are prohibited from being used in medicine production are dynamically adjusted, so relevant departments should keep close attention to the latest regulations during the review.


Within the scope of current laws and regulations, the pangolin is allowed to be used in patent medicine, which goes against the description "China has already canceled relevant medical standards and ban the use in medical production".


We sincerely appeal to add pangolin and its parts into the List of Rare Medicinal Materials Which Are Prohibited From Being Used In Medicine, or request intelligence and property departments strictly check on to ensure the preciseness in the review of pangolin patent.


A heated debate has long been centered on the medical value of the pangolin scale which is proved by some researches that its composition is similar to nails. Given the efficacy of multiple medicinal materials listed above, could it be said that various traditional Chinese medicinal materials cannot compete with the pangolin scales? Those patent medicine claiming have a therapeutic effect on diseases are using the endangered creature for a publicity stunt.


We call on relevant departments to be aware of the severe challenge to pangolins and to add “pangolin and its products” in the List of Rare Medicinal Materials Which Are Prohibited from Being Used In Medicine.

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