Zhao Shiwei: The Unauthorized Extraction of Clematis acerifolia is the Disaster of the Plant Kingdom and the Ecological Environment | Appeal to Amend the Relevant Regulations on the Protection of Wild Plants ASAP
2020/4/8 15:15:00 本站

Zhao Shiwei, chairman of the Botanical Garden Branch of the Chinese Botanical Society, director of the International Botanic Garden Association, and expert of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), commented on the incident of the illegal mining of Clematis acerifolia in Beijing on April 7:


Clematis acerifolia is arguably the most characteristic wildflower in Beijing. It grows on a cliff, is very beautiful, and has important ecological and scientific value. The protection of the forestry department has always been in place. When the mountain in a certain area of Mentougou was strengthened and a tunnel was built, many plants were reserved.


Clematis acerifolia's environmental requirements are very harsh, and generally cannot survive at all after transplanting. Adult plants are more difficult to survive. The unauthorized harvesting of such plants is to kill them completely, which is their disaster.


As the World Horticultural Exposition just finished, more and more people realized the importance of environmental and ecological protection. It is necessary to respect nature, not to abuse or eat wild animals, but also not to disturb and destroy wild plants, let alone rare and endangered wild plants. It is everyone's responsibility to protect plants and the environment. Because of the interest, and greedily staring at innocent wild plants, such people lack humanity.


For lawbreakers who destroy key protected plants in Beijing, they should be severely punished by legal means. At the same time, it also called on relevant departments to revise the regulations on the protection of wild plants and formulate regulations on the protection of wild plants in Beijing.



(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

By / Niu Jingmei, Huang Jin